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 Begonia Duo 

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Begonia Duo is a dynamic woodwind and piano ensemble. Members include clarinetist Clarice Pang and pianist Dr.Dora Tsang. The duo has a passion for bringing music to the community through concerts, workshops, and other performances.

Both Clarice and Dora attended Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, and have been playing music together since then. They have received coaching from accomplished musicians such as clarinetist James Campbell, collaborative pianists Lee Philips and Sung-Mi Im. In addition to performing the standard woodwind/piano repertoire, they are eager to try new styles and genres of music.

As part of the "Classical Connection" program in Bloomington, Indiana, they conducted musical outreach in the community by performing and giving sharing about classical music.

They have returned to Hong Kong, where they hope to continue experiencing new and exciting musical opportunities.

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