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Clarinet's Characterization - Clarice Pang

Date: 11st Feb 2022

Clarice Pang's reply to a little challenge from Musica del Cuore, with answers selected from Hindemith's clarinet sonata!

Let us hear a clarinet's capacity in creating mood and portraying characters.


Tonada y cueca : Tonada

Composer: Carlos Gusatavino

Clarinet: Clarice Pang

Piano: Joshua Chiu

Auer Hall, Indiana University

Leonard Bernstein - Sonata for Clarinet and Piano (Live recording)

I. grazioso

II. Andantino-Vivace e leggiero

Clarinet: Clarice Pang

Piano: Marika Yasuda

在Clarice用音樂回答Musica del Cuore的小挑戰之前,讓她先來做個自我介紹,告訴我們過去的經歷如何影響她音樂路上的取態!

This is a "hello" from Clarice Pang !

P.S. She has just received a special request from Musica del Cuore... TO BE REVEALED the day after tomorrow.

#healthyposture #clarinetist #learnmusic



Brahms Sonata No. 1 in F minor for clarinet and piano, Op. 120 No. 1 - Mvt II

13 April 2019

Clarinet: Clarice Pang

Piano:David Gatchel

Location: Indiana University Jacobs School of Music Recital Hall


Duo Sonata Mvt II. Elegy


Copmoser: Gregory Wanamaker

Clarinet: Clarice Pang

Saxophone: Paul Cotton

20 April 2019

Reictal Hall, Indiana University

Beethoven Trio in B-flat Major for clarinet, cello and piano, op.11

Clarice's Clarinet Recital ( Live) Indiana University Jacobs School of Music Recital Hall Date: 1 st December 2018

Clarinet: Clarice Pang

Cello: Bailey Holbrook

Piano: Arthur Tang

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